Cocoon Technologies

Using the very best machines that give the very best results; our technologies focus on results more than anything else, as well as your comfort.


 Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Not only does our IPL remove unwanted hair from any part of your body, it also treats pigmentation on your face, chest, hands, and sun-burnt skin. This therapy also diffuses the redness found on the face or chest, which is not possible with lasers. Our IPL is effective in treating all skin types.


Full face Neck
Full face with neck Chin upper lip
Lip Full arms
Half arms Underarms
Bikini Bikini line
Full legs Thighs
Half legs Abdominal line
Abdomen Lower back
Back Full body


 Vacuum Therapy

A high-revolution axial turbine (15,000 rpm) is used instead of the well-known vacuum pump. This turbine produces a continuous suction at a constant flow, which prevents the skin and tissues from being damaged, achieving better results in fewer sessions. Our treatment offers an effective solution to fight cellulite in all its stages and localized adiposities, remodeling the body and reducing volume. It mobilizes the different skin tissues and stimulates micro-circulation, which generates a lymphatic drainage to eliminate the liquids accumulated in the areas that have been treated. (45min)


 Multi-Well Effisonic Ultra-Sound

The micro bubbles that are generated are smaller than the ones generated by low frequency cavitation; such bubbles implode due to partial pressure changes and disintegrate the fat cells in localized areas. Fat cells turn into a liquid substance which is eliminated through the lymphatic system and urine. Its high pulsating power and the repetitive cycles generate an ultrasonic intensity on the tissue without affecting the surrounding tissue.(45min)

 Diamond Microdermabrasión

Consists of a “non-invasive” painless mechanical peeling that eliminates the exterior layers of cells in the skin, spots, furrows, and acne scars using Diamond Sticks. Exclusively created by Body Health; Diamond Sticks are hypoallergenic disposable heads made of tungsten carbide. As the material is disposable, it is 100% hygienic and the abrasion properties are preserved in each new application.


 Vacuum Therapy

 Diamond Microdermabrasión (80min)

 Diamond Microdermabrasión: Whitening Treatment (80min)

 Diamond Microdermabrasión: with Collagen Mask (80min)

 Diamond Microdermabrasión: Eye and Lip Treatment(45min)


 Oxyjet Facial Treatment

Known as the ‘celebrity facial treatment’, the Oxyjet treatment brightens the skin and smoothes out fine wrinkles, especially under the eye area and upper lip, by delivering pure oxygen and specialized ingredients to the deep layers of the skin.(90min)


 Air Pressure & Infrared Sauna

Air Pressure can promote lymph circulation and drain away waste inside the body. It uses airbags to exert full pressure in order to exercise body fat. Infrared light is the vitality source of life. The infrared energy is absorbed by the cell forming resonance of molecules and active cell tissue and accelerating blood circulation and metabolism. (45min)


 Electrical Stimulation

The perfect combination of pulse micro-current and negative pressure. Its main functions are: Slimming & weight reduction: pulse micro-current that causes a tingling sensation and contracts the muscles, consuming a large quantity of lipocyte, and Skin tightening: pulse micro-current that accelerates the skin’s metabolism, stimulates nerves, tightens and contracts pores to make the skin appear tender and shiny.(45min)