Cocoon Face

A range of facials for all skin types and conditions, along with our professional beauty therapists’ expert analysis of your skin condition to advise you on which facial treatment is best for your individual needs.


Deluxe Facial & Décolleté Treatments

Nature and science are combined using the latest trends in advanced research and natural ingredients to make you even more beautiful and radiant.


 Most Hydrating

Increases the ability of the epidermis to create water reserves, and protects skin cells against processes that lead to dehydration, keeping tissues fresh. (55min)


 Perfect Age

Shields the lipid content and firmness of the skin, ensuring constant nourishment and protection. (55min)



Specifically developed for impure skin, with a tendency to develop acne. It controls sebaceous secretion, leaving the skin fresh and moisturized, while preventing and reducing excess sebum, shiny skin, and dilated pores. (55min)


 Sweet Relief

Designed exclusively for sensitive and delicate skin. With its excellent softening and restorative properties, Sweet Relief provides comfort and freshness to the skin, and increases its resistance and tolerance against external aggression. (55min)


 Help Equilibrium

Restores the basic balance of the face by providing comfort and well-being to the skin, leaving the skin soft and fresh after deep cleansing, tanning, hair removal sessions, or other treatments that can alter the physiological pH of the skin. (25min)

Deluxe Facial & Décolleté Treatments


 Deep Cleansing

The purpose of this facial is to deep cleanse the skin, stimulate circulation, moisturize, and tone the skin tissue.(80min)


 Bridal Luxury Facial

Our Luxury Facial is a great combination of different types of vitamins, aroma oils, and lots of natural powerful contents that give extraordinary results which every bride deserves. This facial protects the skin against pollution and acne, gives nourishment and smoothness, removes marks and patches, and makes your skin look healthy, glowing, fair, and firm. (80min)


Intensive Facial Treatmentse

Bioline® intensive, locating and targeting problem areas, with anti-aging properties and an immediate effect that gives astonishing results.


 Desense (Coupe Rose)

A beauty program devised specially to have long-term effect on sensitive or reddened skin due to a number of different factors. The active ingredients have a gentle effect on the skin, leaving it clear, soft, and particularly moisturized right from the first application. The sensation of tenderness, typical of sensitive skin, is diminished and the skin becomes brighter, fresher, more glowing, and energetic.(55min)



An exclusive treatment line that performs both an exfoliating and whitening action. Thanks to a revolutionary combination of P.H.A., A.H.A., WHITE COMPLEX, and a shock treatment renovating action with NANOSTRUCTURES, Primaluce is a gradual sequential exfoliation system capable of smoothing, renovating, illuminating, and brightening the skin at a cosmetic level. The treatment offers four interactive and synergic actions to tackle skin thickening, skin aging, hyper pigmentation areas, and impurities, providing the skin with new found splendor. (80min)


 Reveillance (Global Antioxidant Shield)

Radical Capture is a professional treatment that performs a multi-target antioxidant action. Its wide-ranging action is guaranteed by RSC – Radical Scavenger Complex – a global antioxidant complex consisting of vitamin C in synergy with 5 powerful antioxidants, and a global and targeted protection that acts against cell aging. The use of Reveillance Radical Capture, specifically in spring and summer, is indicated for all skin types. (80min)


 Supreme Lift (Filler Q10)

Indicated for all skin types requiring intense hydration and an immediate face-lifting effect. The formula abounds in active ingredients such as Co-enzyme Q10 that protects the skin and has an antioxidant effect. In addition to all this, the innovative Vegetal Filling Spheres® have a tensing and “plumping” effect on wrinkles, resulting in an immediately fresh and luminous complexion.(80min)


 Seductage 3D (Cellular Life)

The first global anti-aging cosmetic treatment featuring nanostructures with three dimensional action; relaxing, volumizing, and restructuring. The beating heart of the exclusive Bioline formula is the TAF – Tri-dimensional Anti-aging Factor; macro-complexes that work on all three dimensions: horizontally, with Stretching Complex peptides that carry out a relaxing cosmetic action that diminishes wrinkles and expression marks, vertically, with the Global Cellular Life together with phospholipids and amino acids that stimulate cellular turnover, and deep down, with the Volumizing Complex peptides and biotechnological active ingredients that improve the volume and elasticity of skin tissues. (80min)


 Details Of Beauty

The innovative line of specific products that, thanks to the use of revolutionary technologies, reduces skin imperfections and refines skin, down to the smallest detail. (45min)

Cocoon Organic Masks

Every mask we have sounds like a very healthy and tasty dessert, but they all work just as well or even better as a facial mask. Become one with nature with our all natural masks that entice your senses, using traditional methods and ingredients that have been used for generations. Great addition to our Hammam, Body Treatments, Body Massages, Body Wraps, and Manicures & Pedicures.


 Fruit Tingle

(Strawberry, Apple, Cornstarch)
A tingly fruit mask that will take your dead skin off, stimulate your skin, and make it lighter.
(Suitable for all skin types)


 Banana Mojo

(Orange, Banana, Honey)
An exfoliating, stimulating fruit facial that also moisturizes and feeds your skin, with an added bonus; honey. Honey is a humectant, which means it naturally keeps the moisture inside under your skin, exactly where it belongs.
(Suitable for all skin types)


 Tropical Breeze

(Watermelon, Papaya, Banana, Cream)
A tropical fruit facial containing powerful enzymes that will exfoliate, feed, and moisturize your skin.
(Suitable for all skin types)


 Farmer’s Daughter

(Starch, Lemon, Flour, Honey)
All natural, this traditional recipe whitens, nourishes, softens, and tightens your skin.
(Suitable for all skin types)