Cocoon Body

Indulge yourself …
Surrender to the wonderful touch of our highly experienced therapists in a unique and extremely relaxing atmosphere.
Fall into a deep, relaxing trance that will take away all of your stress and worries … A truly stunning experience!


Cocoon Classic Massage

Wonderful … Relaxing … Classic!


 Cocoon Authentic Aromatherapy Massage

A gentle aroma massage with invigorating natural essential oils, stimulating your senses.(80 min)


 Four Hands Massage

Absolute heaven! Two of our therapists give you the massage of your life at the same time… Pure ecstasy!(55 min)


 Swedish Full Body Massage

Our Swedish Full Body Massage with natural oils and slow movements is just what you need to relieve those aches and pains after a hard day.(80min)


 Hot Stone Massage

At the start of the therapy, direct heat stimulates the muscles making the massage more effective and intense. Melt away in this ancient relaxation technique. (80min)


 Stress Recovery Back & Shoulder Massage

Give your back and shoulders what they deserve with our relaxing pinpoint massage that will ease your back pain and turn away your stress.(25min)


 Scalp Massage

Enjoy the tingling sensation running through your head. Close your eyes and be taken to a world of pure bliss.(25min)


Cocoon Restorative Massage

Curative and therapeutic, our experts will relieve you from any ailments you might have.


 Scalp Massage

Enjoy the tingling sensation running through your head. Close your eyes and be taken to a world of pure bliss.(25min)


 Cocoon Signature Authentic Thai Massage

Performed by our native Thai therapists, this massage stimulates points across your body, heals pain and releases tension. It will fill you with positivity and enlightenment.(80min)


 Cocoon Signature Back Walk Thai Massage

This Form of Thai Massage is meant for our clients that require heavy stimulation, with our therapists using their full weight throughout the session.(80min)


 Foot & Hand Reflexology

Reflexology applies appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on your hands and feet that correspond to different body organs and systems, bringing you back to life. Revive your organs and give them the stimulation recommended by this ancient technique. (55 min )


 Lymphatic Massage

A gentle form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, improves metabolism and promotes the removal of bodily toxins and waste… Your health matters… (55min)


 Slimming Massage

Our famous Slimming Massage is a great addition to your exercise regime, and will help stimulate weight-loss. Let our professional therapist massage away those extra pounds by significantly accelerating the burning of fat.(55min)


 Lymphatic Slimming Massage

The perfect combination massage that stimulates your lymphatic system and removes bodily toxins, and then slims and tones your body to make you thinner. (90min)


 Honey Massage

Our Honey Massage incorporates the healing effects of honey and the beneficial ingredients that honey contains. This sweet massage gives you the beneficial substances found in honey that is directly absorbed into the skin, stimulating the trapped toxins and removing them from your system.(55min)


 Prenatal Massage

For our mothers to be, this massage is the perfect solution for those aches and pains caused by the weight you carry around throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal massage shares many of the goals of regular massage; improving circulation and mobility, making you feel light on your feet. It is also specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.(55min)