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Gaia's Cocoon Aqua Lounge

Cocoon Aqua Lounge

    Our team of spa designers has created a sequence of stimulating dry and wet rooms and spaces that will take your spa experience to another level. Our Aqua Lounge uses only Mineral Water.

    Cocoon Steam Room

      A wonderful way to relax, detox, alleviate stress, heal your body and experience physical and mental bliss. (full access)

    Cocoon Jacuzzi

      Enjoy the ultimate experience in aqua therapy. Cocoon's very own Mineral Water Jacuzzi helps you unwind. (full access)

    Cocoon Sauna

      The dry heat of our sauna relieves aches and strains and provides you the benefits of exercise without moving a muscle. (full access)

    Full Aqua Lounge

      A haven of using all our Aqua Lounge facilities. Pamper yourself with a great day filled with relaxation and comfort.(full access)

    Cocoon Hammam

      With its Turkish and Moroccan origins, our Mineral Water Hammam is where ancient traditional bathing takes place. Let our professional wash you down, combining a low mist and a high intensity steam chamber that stimulates your senses and gets rid of the everyday buildup of dirt and stress. Treat yourself to ultimate cleanliness.

        Turkish Hammam (90 min)

        Moroccan Hammam (120 min)

        Cocoon Salt Scrub (30 min)

    Cocoon Vichy Shower

      This is a total shower with a rejuvenating scrub massage that activates and later relaxes the muscles. This Mineral Water hydrotherapy session can be experienced along with other body scrubs or just by itself. It is a great treatment for soothing tired muscles providing you with the best aqua-massage. (30 min)

    Cocoon Hydro Bath

      Cocoon is proud to introduce the next generation of bathing. Discover the wonders of Mineral Water Hydrotherapy with a diversity of natural ingredients that are highly beneficial to your skin, and extremely soothing to your body. Powerful jets, combined with aromatic oils and other ingredients are selected with our state-of-the-art Hydrotherapy bath to create a memorable and effective experience. Lift your spirit… Now, multiply that wonderful feeling several times over and the result is what you feel after a Hydrotherapy treatment.

        Coffee Bath (60min)

        Cappuccino Foam Bath (60min)

        Chai Latte Bath (60min)

        Chocolate Bath (60min)

        Cleopatra Bath (60min)

        Cocoon Tea Bath Selection (60min)

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